• Management System Policy of Espiral MS

    The policy of the Management System of Espiral MS, known and subscribed to by all the company's personnel, is reviewed by management on an annual basis and is based on the pillars and principles described in the following sections.

Master pillars: quality, safety and service

The importance of quality

Espiral MS is a creative and flexible organization that bases all its value on its work team and on the demand, both individual and collective, for a commitment to quality, excellence and customer satisfaction.

Therefore, Espiral MS includes Quality Management within its Management System as a mechanism to offer products and services of the highest quality as well as to demonstrate its commitment to continuous improvement.

The importance of information security

Espiral MS considers that information is one more of the relevant assets to offer products and services to our customers and, therefore, requires adequate protection.

Therefore, Espiral MS includes Information Security Management within its Management System as a mechanism for:

  • Guarantee the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information,
  • Guarantee compliance with the security requirements established by the organisation itself and those agreed with its customers,
  • Guarantee compliance with applicable legislation and guarantee the continuity of the organisation and its business operations.

The importance of IT service management

Espiral MS is aware that providing technical support services with the highest quality on the products marketed to our customers is key for them to extract maximum value from the software product delivered.

Therefore, Espiral MS includes IT Service Management within its Management System as a mechanism for:

  • Provide technical support services that ensure maximum return on value from software use, and
  • Promote excellence and continuous improvement in the services offered.

In order to monitor our integrated quality management system, the services provided by our suppliers will be evaluated taking into account the following aspects of the purchasing process, such as time, quality and absence of incidents and whether the process has been satisfactory in general; in order to make a periodic evaluation of the supplier's suitability.

Founding principles

Consequently, the management of Espiral MS has decided to implement an Integrated Quality Management System, Information Security Management and IT Service Management.

With this in mind, it manifests its commitment to this Management System Policy of Espiral MS through the following principles:

About the Management System:

  • Appoint a Management Committee to manage the system and ensure its development, maintenance and improvement.
  • Create a complete management structure that regulates the conditions in which the organization, within the established scope, develops its activity to respect the established requirements.
  • Encourage the motivation of all staff to actively participate in the implementation of the Management System.
  • To create a framework that allows to operate with high productivity rates, in accordance with the values and culture of the organization, through the measurement and continuous improvement of processes.

About the organization:

  • To remain a flexible and strongly customer-oriented company, with a high level of professionalism to meet customer expectations.
  • Guarantee at all times the fulfillment of contractual commitments and the respect of the legal framework, considering the applicable legislation.
  • To provide a pleasant, flexible and creative working environment and method that allows all members of the organization to show a high level of motivation and commitment to continuous improvement, excellence in work and customer satisfaction.
  • To act at all times within the strictest professional ethics.

On customer relations:

  • To provide products and services of the highest quality that provide maximum value to customers.
  • Maintain a close communication channel with customers, gathering suggestions and new needs in order to improve the quality of our products and services.

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